Our Service Offerings

Anurakti Universes offers its premium PICER services for various HIFIA business requirements of Customer's worldwide.

PICER Services @ Anurakti Universes

Portfolio Management services offer Customers greater Control & Usability by allowing them to centrally

  • Manage Aviation Assets - Aircrafts, Helicopters, UAVs, Simulators & other portfolios/profiles online;
  • Manage associated Human Resources like Pilots/Crew Members/Ground Handling Staff/Engineers/Passengers & other portfolios/profiles online;
  • Manage related Insurances, Claims other portfolios/profiles online;
  • Quick Profile Reporting;
  • Manage Finances and Commercials of various Aviation Assets online;
  • Place Insurance Requirement proposals online directly to the Insurance Companies or Insurance Professionals registered @ Anurakti Universes.

Information - services offer Customers the much required Domain specific Details, Helps, FAQs & Connection facilities instantly through web as well as through various Professionals available offline to help them Execute their business requirements.

Consultancy - services offer Customers Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Roadmaps, Feasibility Studies, Estimations, Technical and Management Reports from Professionals with decades of experience in the Aerospace, Insurance, Finance and Information Technology/Software industry.

Execution - services offer Customers an opportunity to Manage Projects - Processes - Assets Requirements of the Customers as per their mandate and working as an Extended Team with the ultimate aim to qualitatively Execute their work assignments within Budget and Time.

Reporting - services offer Customers Decision Makers, Sales & Marketing Teams and various Management Teams insights through various Reports to help them better manage their Businesses, Resources & Investments.

For further details on our Service Offerings and/or our Product Demo, please feel free to get in touch with us.